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Yanni And Her Fifteen Puppies

Mill Road Vet 1567
“Yanni” is a beautiful German Shepherd, imported from Australia as a puppy, by her very committed owners. They decided to breed from her for the first time this year. The dog that they selected to breed her with lives in Hamilton so we did multiple progesterone blood tests before she went down there, to make sure she was at the perfect stage of her cycle to conceive.
  • A heartfelt thank you to everyone for the care, help and compassion shown.

  • Just wanted to say a very heart-felt thank you for literally saving Bosca’s life.

  • Knowing our pets have always been in such a kind and caring environment, with such wonderful, capable people means so much.

  • You are a one in a million veterinary team!

  • You guys are super heroes!

  • You have made a stressful situation so much easier to deal with, with your friendliness and professional approach.