Mill Road Vet Hospital
Puppy Classes

"There is no substitute for good, early, positive learning experiences"

  • Join us for a 5-week course led by Sinead a behaviorist from Animal Culture, along with our qualified veterinary nurses. Sinead will personally teach three of the five classes, making it an enjoyable and educational experience.

  • For puppies 6-14 weeks old with at least one vaccine

  • Small classes with 4-6 puppies per class

  • Topics that cover training, socialisation and much more with an emphasis on how to keep your puppy as healthy as possible both physically & emotionally

  • Freebies including flea and worm treatment and discounts for premium puppy food

  • With the bonus of making positive experiences at the vets and creating puppies that will love the vet clinic

  • Our classes are on Wednesday and Friday evenings - call us to find out when the next class is and to secure your puppy's spot!


Call 09 437 1101 to enquire!!