Maunu Vet Clinic

The clinic is conveniently located on the slip-road on Maunu Road, between Le Ruez place and Kowhai Park Road.


One of our vets consults at the Maunu Clinic morning and afternoon Monday - Friday. All routine examinations, vaccinations, admissions, and many diagnostic tests can be done here. The more complicated procedures and operations are carried out at the Mill Road Hospital so that the patient can benefit from the state-of-the-art facilities and the team of qualified vet nurses available there.


For your convenience, animals can be admitted at the Maunu clinic. We will then transport them on your behalf to the Mill Road Hospital and back again, or you may prefer to transport them yourself.


Also available at the Maunu Vet Clinic is a full range of premium pet foods, prescription diets, flea and worm treatments, and other necessities and treats!