About Mill Road Vet Hospital

What do we do? Where should we start?!

Most days Mill Rd is a hive of activity. At any given moment we might have one vet examining a dog for its annual check up and vaccinations, while another talks to a client about how their old diabetic cat is getting on. 


The receptionist could be on the phone making an appointment for a new puppy, while the other helps someone with their pet's flea problem. Out the back the day's surgical vet could be removing a plastic toy from a Labrador's bowel, with one nurse scrubbed in helping with the surgery while another is monitoring the dog's anaesthetic. 


The other vet might be trimming a rabbit's overgrown teeth, while a third nurse takes a dog out for a toilet stop. Half an hour later and there will be ten different things happening!


The one thing that won't change is our commitment to do the very best for your animals.


Please Meet our Team to get to know us and don't forget to do our clinic tour for a little nosey around!