Services Available At Mill Road Vet Hospital


Our experienced small animal vets are available for consultations from 7.45am through until 7pm Mon - Thu, until 6pm Friday and 9am - 3pm Saturdays. 


You will find them friendly and compassionate and ready to help you with anything from routine check ups and vaccinations, to complex behavioural problems, illnesses or injuries.


We offer a complete surgical service, from routine neutering to complex orthopaedic and soft tissue surgeries. 


We pride ourselves on the standards of our operating theatre, equipment and techniques. Those cases that we feel would be best undertaken by a surgical specialist, we refer to the Veterinary Specialist Group (VSG) in Auckland.


We use the best and safest anaesthetic drugs and comprehensive monitoring equipment to ensure the safety of every patient. 


Pre-anaesthetic blood tests are available to enhance the safety of your pet's anaesthetic and enable us to design an anaesthetic regime specifically suited to your pet's individual requirements.


Separate cat and dog wards, as well as an exotics ward enable us to keep our patients as stress-free as possible. 


Intensive medical and post-op recovery patients are cared for by our dedicated team of qualified nurses.


Infectious patients receive special care in an isolation unit.


Mill Road Vet Hospital has an affiliation with the Veterinary Specialist Group in Auckland, which enables us to offer an exceptional service in the medical field. Mark Robson, one of Australasia's leading small animal medical specialists visits Mill Road regularly to see referral cases from around Northland. 


In addition, our vets are in the enviable position of having direct access to Dr Robson at any time. With the latest medical advances at our fingertips, we can offer your pets the best possible care!


Ultrasounds are a very useful, non invasive tool for the diagnosis of many medical conditions. Our ultrasound machine is fully digital and animal specific.


Didier spent time in Auckland learning from a specialist ultrasonographer in the early 2000’s and since then he has performed thousands of ultrasounds. We also do a number of referral ultrasounds for vet clinics all around Northland.


Mill Road Vet Clinic provides an exceptionally high standard of radiology. Didier has undertaken extensive post-graduate study through the University of Sydney in this important diagnostic field. 


This led to the purchase of state of the art digital x-ray equipment and a new purpose-built diagnostic suite.


Again, we also x-ray 'outpatients' from other clinics around Northland

Dental Care

Our pets don't brush their teeth regularly, so it's no surprise that their mouths often aren't pretty! What's often not realised is the serious impact that this can have on their general health, in particular contributing to kidney and heart disease.


If you have ever suffered from toothache, then you know that teeth problems are painful!


We have a dedicated dental suite & provide dental services including dental examinations, extractions and scale & polishes. We can also help with advice on preventative dental care & dental diets.


An in-house laboratory enables us to obtain immediate blood test results for unwell and critical patients and pre-anaesthetic screening. 


We also use the services of Gribbles Veterinary Pathology in Auckland for specialist testing and interpretation of blood tests and biopsies

House Calls

If you, or your pet, have difficulty coming in to the clinic, we can come to you.


All you need to do is contact us to discuss your requirements.

After Hours Care

A vet from Mill Road is available for our patients' emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


In an emergency contact us by phone on 09 437 1101