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Mill Road Vet Hospital / Thursday, 06 May 2021


Poor dog can’t see through the fog!

Pannus or canine superficial keratitis is a disease that affects the surface of the eye.

It occurs mainly in middle-aged German Shepherd dogs but can sporadically occur in other breeds.

The cause is not fully understood but there is likely a strong genetic component with UV light as another factor as the disease is more common in sunny climates.  There could also be an allergic component to pannus.

Pannus affects both eyes but usually dogs present with one eye worse than the other.

Typically the cornea looks opaque or red and angry. Pannus can be differentiated from a corneal ulcer by applying a fluorescent stain to the eye.  

Because the cornea needs to be clear to allow light through, pannus is a blinding illness if left untreated.

The good news is that pannus can be managed successfully with the application of eye drops.  Frequency of  medication can usually be decreased from twice daily to once daily or every other day over time.

In our lovely pictures you will see "Hira", she is one of our lovely German Shepherd patients who acquired pannus.  She has responded well to treatment and now just has 1 steroid drop in her eye every 2nd day in summer and every 3rd day in winter and apart from seeing her out and about wearing her UV protective ‘doggles’ you would never know to look at her that there was anything wrong with her eyes.

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