Our latest newsletter is out, with fireworks advice and help for itchy animals

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Our latest newsletter is out, with fireworks advice and help for itchy animals
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Our latest newsletter is out, with fireworks advice and help for itchy animals

Welcome to our latest newsletter.

We’ve got some very timely advice for those of you who have pets scared of fireworks and with the summer itchy season on its way, some welcome news for those whose pets itch and scratch.

Plus we introduce our receptionist Sinead & her gorgeous new addition, Ingwe!


We may love them, but many of our pets don’t. If you have a pet that turns into a quivering wreck at this time of year, we have some advice from the Veterinary Behaviour guru at Massey University.
Click here for for the Do’s and Don’ts and information on products and medications that may help.


Welcome to our newest team member: Sinead is our lovely, smiley, new receptionist.

She joined the team in May and In her words, she loves “Arriving at work each day knowing that I will be surrounded by people that care about the animals around them – customers and vets alike! I love that the vets here are so interested in what they do. (I also love that patting animals is part of my job!)”.

Click here to read about Sinead and how she came to adopt little Ingwe.


We have great news!

Skin allergies in our pets are extremely common, especially in Northland. For many, in the past, we’ve either had to prescribe steroids to control the problem, with all their associated side effects, or just put up with the scratching until it gets too bad to ignore. 

So we are thrilled that we have three great new products!
  • Apoquel is a new medication specifically designed to control itching associated with allergic skin disease in dogs. It acts fast, providing effective relief, without many of the side effects associated with other treatments.
  • Hills Derm Defense is an exiting new prescription food from Hills Pet Nutrition. It is formulated to reduce signs of environmental allergies by disrupting the internal allergy response and creating a barrier against future episodes. 
  • Bravecto Spot-on for Cats!! Our clients have been loving the convenience and effectiveness of the 3 monthly Bravecto Chews for dogs, so the arrival of the cat product is fantastic news for cats! Keeping our pets flea-free just got so much easier!


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  • A heartfelt thank you to everyone for the care, help and compassion shown.

  • Just wanted to say a very heart-felt thank you for literally saving Bosca’s life.

  • Knowing our pets have always been in such a kind and caring environment, with such wonderful, capable people means so much.

  • You are a one in a million veterinary team!

  • You guys are super heroes!

  • You have made a stressful situation so much easier to deal with, with your friendliness and professional approach.