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Our famous cat family have all found their forever homes.
Mill Road Vet Hospital / Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Our famous cat family have all found their forever homes.

Mother cat (now called Gabby) has been spayed and she’s got a wonderful new home on a farm. Our vet Leanne took the whole cat family to her father Rex' home to be fostered until they were ready to be re-homed. Rex fell in love with "Gabby" and the feeling was mutual, so she's stayed put.


We decided that we could do some good for other not-so-lucky dumped kittens, so we auctioned the kittens and donated the adoption money to the SPCA. 
We gave them all their first vaccinations and we’ll neuter them for free when they are 5 ½ months old.


9 year old Charlotte & her sister Danielle helped their Grandad look after the kittens and Charlotte wrote beautiful descriptions of each of them, which we put on Facebook for the auction. This is one of her gorgeous descriptions:

Benny is such a friendly kitten and he loves people. He's so so so so calm, he's great with little kids, older kids and all types of ages, another thing about him is that he loves climbing on furniture, but he doesn't reck it, luckily. But in the end this beautiful kitten is the loveliest kitten I've ever MEET!"


These are the 4 kittens meeting their new owners for the first time.

We’re looking forward to seeing them all again before Christmas, for their 2nd vaccinations.

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