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Pet Insurance
Mill Road Vet Hospital / Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance has been commonplace in England and Europe for many years but not so in NZ. Our attitude here towards our pets has been gradually evolving from the cat just being the ratcatcher and the dog living in a kennel outside with a brief walk once a day. Comments like “I’m not spending that! It’s just a cat” were the norm not so long ago.


Nowadays most of our pets have taken on a rather more special role in our hearts and are very much considered part of the family. And when things go wrong we want to do what’s best for them and not have to worry about what it all costs. Consequently pet insurance is becoming a lot more popular.


There are a few companies offering pet insurance in NZ, but the one we recommend is “Petplan”. They have proved great to deal with, they have no cap on what they will pay for specific procedures and most importantly the only thing they exclude is pre - existing conditions.


Recurring conditions are covered for life and they cover all breeds and inherited conditions, which many companies don’t.


They have a range of policies available, starting from as little as $22 per month for cats and $39 for dogs. Not a lot to pay for peace of mind! It’s a way of budgeting for the unexpected.


The benefit of having your beloved pet insured is obvious when they get sick or injured and treatment can easily costs hundreds or even thousands. The other major advantage of insurance is that in the early stages of illness or injury we can get on and take the x-rays or run the blood tests and often catch things in time to fix them where otherwise we can be tempted to take a wait & see approach which we often live to regret.


Check out the Petplan website: or pop into the clinic and ask us about it.

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