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Digital Radiography
Mill Road Vet Hospital / Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Digital Radiography

Diagnostic imaging is one of the areas that we have invested heavily in over the last few years. We have purchased state of the art equipment and made a serious commitment to upskilling and continuing education in the ultrasound department and now we have turned our attention to bringing our radiology into the digital age. Changing from film to fully digital has a number of advantages that will benefit both our patients and the environment. There are no more nasty chemicals to dispose off, and no more films to store; both a huge bonus from an environmental point of view.


The detail visible on digital radiographs has to be seen to be believed, and as a result we are better able to make the correct diagnosis. It reduces the risk of missing pathology that is difficult to see on normal films.


Film radiographs are extremely sensitive and require specific exposures for different body areas, meaning we often have to take several different xrays to make a diagnosis. Digital pictures can be modified to view different areas from one picture, eliminating the necessity for multiple repeat xrays. (see the photos) This allows us to pick up unexpected pathology and reduces the rays your pet is exposed to.


Another benefit is that we can now e - mail these films conveniently and instantly, to a radiology specialist, and get a report on that same day if required. We have a built up an extremely good working relationship with Dr Chris Warman, a renowned diagnostic imaging specialist, and are working on a teleradiology system that will see this option become more and more used, as our clients expect the very best for their pets.


This will also enable our radiology department to perform outpatient xrays for other practices around Northland, as we currently do for ultrasounds.


Just like our human medical counterparts, diagnostic imaging is a modality that requires commitment and serious investment, if you want to provide the most accurate, rapid and convenient service for your patients.


At Mill Road, we are at the forefront in our industry, and we make sure to back this technology with a serious commitment to continuing education to ensure that we provide a comprehensive service locally.

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